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Precision Integrative Oncology

Naturopathic Oncology in Chandler , AZ

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About Us

Precision Integrative Oncology is a patient-centered, naturopathic oncology practice focusing on integrative and holistic cancer care. Conveniently located in Chandler, Arizona, the center proudly draws its expertise from experienced naturopathic medicine providers Jennifer Havens, ND, and Sydney Sharaf, NMD, who are able to expertly handle an early cancer diagnosis through late-stage cancer. 

With extensive experience in naturopathic oncology, the clinic offers a broad range of holistic techniques that complement traditional cancer treatments, like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The practitioners take each person’s unique type of cancer and genetic makeup into account when recommending treatment. 

Acupuncture, homeopathy, and intravenous (IV) therapy are among the many safe and minimally invasive treatments available at Precision Integrative Oncology. The doctors work with each patient to target their individual symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. Holistic care can help accelerate cancer recovery, enhance treatment outcomes, and reduce uncomfortable symptoms.

The naturopathic providers at Precision Integrative Oncology partner with each patient’s health team to provide the most comprehensive approach to cancer treatment. They also offer ongoing nutrition support, and pain management

Call Precision Integrative Oncology today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about how naturopathic oncology can support conventional cancer therapies.

Dr. Sharaf is very knowledgeable about all things cancer and cancer treatment and provides care that is based in science and naturopathic modalities that support the body and promote healing. Dr. Sharaf is reliable and ready to answer all questions. Along with Dr. Havens, Dr. Sharaf is ready to pivot at a moment's notice when any sudden health concerns arise. Together they make up the best team you could possibly ask for while walking through the scariest diagnosis you'll ever face in life.

Michelle D. | Aug 05, 2022
Dr. Havens is very knowledgeable and takes an approach that is based on science and naturopathic principles. She is caring and available if anything changes and needs to be addressed. I felt like I had a doctor who was on my side through one of the hardest times in my life! My husband was so grateful that I had such a great doctor on my team!

Michelle D. | Aug 05, 2022
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Our Mission
Precision Integrative Oncology is guided by the tenets of caring for the whole person-mind, body and spirit. It is a partnership to empower patients and their families by providing them with access to latest cutting edge integrative interventions, resources and information to support each person’s innate ability to heal. Precision Integrative Oncology is committed to advancing the science and education of integrative oncology by conducting research that contributes to the growing foundation of knowledge both in Arizona and beyond.